Terms of use

Conceptions and conditions
raduraksti.lv is an internet portal, which offers a unique user profile creation in order to manage different types of activities, including intellectual ones, as well as to communicate with each other with a mediation of the portal. The management of the portal is organized by SIA „Boons", hereinafter in text - „Boons". Portāls' raduraksti.lv terms of use are provided and are binding for each one of the portals' raduraksti.lv users apart from whether he/she is a registered portal user or not. Boons is rightful to make changes in terms at any time by its own opinion and they come into force on the very moment when they are published on the portal raduraksti.lv. Portāls' raduraksti.lv usage is considered as a complete agreement to these terms int. al. all of its changes. Boons has a permission to change terms at any time without foregoing notice, therefore raduraksti.lv users have to go over them 1 (one) time a month.

Usage terms of the portal
In order to become a registered user of raduraksti.lv a person must observe the order given in the portal. Each of the portals raduraksti.lv registered users has to take into account that all the data provided by the accordant user (name, sure name a.o. information) has to be unfabled, and every user has to consider what type of information he/she will place in the section "Family tree". Each of the portals raduraksti.lv registered users has to have only one user profile. When creating a family tree of his/her family on raduraksti.lv, user is authorised to create profiles for each of the relatives who are present in accordant family tree and to add their pictures as well as an information about them. All the persons who are present in users' family tree have to be unfabled. Photo of any profile of any registered user has to contain a clear portrait of the accordant user, which has to be recognisable. User is fully responsible for all the information he/she has provided. Each user profile on raduraksti.lv must consist of only the data of the user. Boons carry no responsibility for any mistakes present in profiles, or any mistakes during a merging or creating process of family tree.
It is forbidden to rate videos, pictures, games, music, anecdotes or cognitions using software or script. It is also forbidden to increase maliciously any of the ratings and profile points present on raduraksti.lv. It is prohibited on raduraksti.lv to register as so called "false" user as well as to create a false user profile, which contains untrue information about non-existing person, animal, object, etc. In case Boons states this kind of information on raduraksti.lv, it has the rights to promptly delete all the data which has been created by accordant user as well as the user him/her self. Each of the registered users of raduraksti.lv has an obligation not to divulge the access data of raduraksti.lv portal. Portāls' raduraksti.lv registered user can end his/her membership on raduraksti.lv at any time by deleting his/her profile on the portal. It is forbidden to use Boons for commercial purposes without co-ordination with Boons administration. It is prohibited: to send commercial mail, to participate in like-mind fellow groups/forums with commercial content information, to use chat for commercial purposes. Boons is authorised by its opinion (int. al. without provisional warning) to delete portals' registered user profiles as well as to limit or abnegate access to portal raduraksti.lv, hereto carrying no responsibility for these actions. Each of the raduraksti.lv users is fully responsible for any kind of information that is provided by him/her on the portal or is sent by him/her to any other portal user (int. al., but no limited to: profile data, photos, e-mails, video materials, music). Each user shoulders complete responsibility for consequences (int. al. juridical) that ensue due to sending or placement of this king of information. It is strongly forbidden on raduraksti.lv to place or to send to other portal users:

  1. Information (int. al. video and audio materials), by placement or sending of which the intellectual property (copyrights a.o.) rights of a third person are invaded or offended;

  2. Pictures, video and audio materials, as well as text that are in contradiction with ethical standards or in contradiction with laws and regulations of Republic of Latvia or international conventions. This applies also to pictures that are placed without co-ordination with the copyright owner.

  3. Information that is vulgar, non-ethical or invading in any other way;

  4. Information that invades an honour and deference of a person;

  5. Information that appeals to violence, racial animosity or other kind of unlawful actions;

  6. Information that contains surrogate material (junk mail, spam), multiplication materials (chain letters), pyramid type of business plans (pyramid schemes) or any other kind of pesky materials, excluding the areas that are created for these kind of purposes - market, for example;

  7. Information that contains computer viruses or is created to harm computer or electronic communication software operation (security);

  8. Information that conduces or popularises a forbidden copy of copyrighted work, including illegal software trade and distribution, illegal music downloading or distribution;

  9. Information that contains pornography or is too erotic;

  10. Any kind of information that affects or might affect the natural operation and security of raduraksti.lv.

After recognition of this kind of information, Boons is authorized to promptly delete the information as well as user profile of the person placing the information, or to block access to the portal to this person for a definite time. In any case Boons carries no responsibility for the information sent on raduraksti.lv mutually among its users and for all the consequences (int. al. juridical), which ensue due to placement or sending of this information. Boons carries no responsibility for the accessibility of the portal, the mutual communication of its users, any kind of technical problems in operation of the portal, changes in user profile due to other person's unauthorized access. Thereto Boons carries no responsibility for any kind of damage for the users of raduraksti.lv, which ensue due to the imposition of the protal and its services. In case the portals' raduraksti.lv user has violated these conditions thus forcing Boons to forbid or limit access to the portal or the user profile is deleted, there are no payments payed back to this user apart from any chargeable services he/she has used within the portal.

Additional terms
By placing an information on the portal or with a mediation of e-mails, Boons is rightful to inform raduraksti.lv users about different kind of urgencies concerning the portal. All the intellectual ownership rights of the portal raduraksti.lv are property of Boons. In case of violation of these rights the offender is brought to account as well the person is fully responsible for all the damages caused to Boons.
Portal raduraksti.lv as well third persons may place worldwide links to other resources on the internet. Since Boons doesn't control these links and resources, each user acknowledges and agrees that Boons isn't responsible for the access to these resources and links, and that Boons isn't responsible for any content, commercial, product or other material that is present in accordant resources and links. Equally users acknowledge and agree that Boons carries no direct or indirect responsibility for any kind of damage or pay-outs that are caused or might be caused due to any content, commodity or service which is available in accordant resource or via it, as well as exploitation or reliance to it.

Solving bickers
All the arguments that appear between Boons raduraksti.lv and portals' users in relevance with these conditions have to be solved in a way of mutual negotiation. In case there is no chance to solve bickers this way, they have to be solved according to LR (Republic of Latvia) legislation laws and regulations.