Why should I become a user of is a portal, which offers a unique program, where users are able to create their family tree and to carry out social communication for free using internet. It is based on the searching technology and offers following privileges:

  • to create a unique family tree of you own;

  • to combine congenial family trees, by that achieving more complete congeniality outlook;

  • to communicate with relatives and friends the way you want it both, by e-mails and by calling each other for free;

  • to add pictures and videos;

  • we offer TV, Radio and Games for free;

  • and much more useful stuff;

We are continuing to work on improvements of, so every now and then we could ask for your comments and suggestions. We hope you will take a liking of program. We like it. Besides, it becomes even better with every passing day.

How to register on

Open a registry form, which can be found above password field! Fill the fields with information requested. In skype field enter your skype user name! More detailed information concerning skype you may find on

When registration is executed the web page returns to a home page, and a confirmation mail is sent to e-mail provided by you. In this e-mail you will find a link by help of which you can activate your profile page.

What's the privacy level of my profile?

Your profile and the information placed within it (pictures, videos a. o.), with the exception of such personal things as a family tree, can be viewed by any of the portal's registered user! Family tree can be viewed only by your friends and relatives who are present in your family tree!
Possibility to use such contact forms as skype (view skype options) and e-mails will be enabled for all users you haven't blocked!

How your profile will be activated?

After registration an e-mail will be sent - conformation e-amil. You will receive your new password, for instance, if you have forgotten an old one and couldn't enter your profile! Time after time you will be informed about portal's news and options.

Is for free?

This is one of a few portals which offer sublime possibilities for free! You'll have to pay only for extras. offers you an album with capacity of 50 pictures and video for free. Album capacity increase for more 50 pictures is paid service.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I log in after registration?

You haven't confirmed the registration.
In case you have registered recently, the conformation is sent to the e-mail given in your registration. Now you only have to click on the appropriate link in order to activate your profile.

What do I do if my login password is forgotten?

There is a menu in the log-in page - Forgot your password? Click here...
A field will appear where your e-mail will be asked. Your password will be sent to this specific e-mail!

Where do I change my profile picture?

Commitment and change of a profile picture can be found in menu "my profile" in "picture" field. In order for your picture to be uploaded or changed you have to click the appropriate menu button.

How to delete your user profile in

Open "my profile" menu which is shown next to your profile picture. On the bottom side of a page that will open afterwords, you will see a red colored menu in shape of a cross.

What does the skype icon below a person's profile mean?

Our portal is a special portal because of a fact that its users are given an opportunity of getting in touch by phone.
If the skype icon is visible below a person's profile picture, it means that this user has activated his/her skype user name and by clicking on the specific person's profile skype icon, you will be able to call this person directly.

I'm not a skype user, how can I become one?

When opening "my profile" a field appears where you must enter your skype name. Since you are not a skype user, click on skype icon and you will automatically be directed to skype registration home page! Skype offers an opportunity for you to make low cost cell phone calls especially if it concerns calling abroad. SkypeOut outgoing calls is a great and cheep way to call to cell phones directly from Skype.

Where can I ask questions I'm having regarding

All the questions for airing you may thread in boon confederate group or you may call us... (skype name :

You've found or lost something?

In section "Help" you will be able to place your topical information concerning lost or found belonging, an animal or something else that has been found by somebody and has to be returned to the actual owner.

How to create my travel description?

When entering a travel section on your right you will see a link "Add new travel". After clicking on the link a field will appear where country, which associates with the specific travel, as well as travel title, has to be chosen. Here you can add all the travel places, stops and other interesting locations, which will be connected with each other with a perpetual line on your travel map thus showing a route of your trip. In order to make a trip stop, country and populated place must be chosen. In case the location is found in our data base, names of places will appear below. By clicking on it you will choose that particular place thus making a mark on a map. If there was no desired location in our data base, no need to worry, just enter the name of the location and choose approximate place on a map.
You will have to enter a title and description that links to the location. You will be given the option to upload several travel pictures. As soon as you choose a picture it will be uploaded to server. Now click on "Add" button and one of the trips stops is added. To add another one just click on "Add a trip stop".

How to edit your travel description?

When entering a travel section, on your right you will see your travel list. Choose it. There is a link at the bottom "Edit travel", click on it. You should bare in mind that when you choose a picture it is saved on our server, but it is only added to a travel when you press a button "Edit".

How to delete my travel?

In order to delete your travel you must choose "Edit travel". There is a link at the bottom "Delete entire travel". You will be prompted after you click on the link. 

Television and radio

In section "Entertainment" you will be able to use Internet Radio and Television (if you have Windows Media Player installed on your system).
Remember that some radiostations are not broadcasting all day long...some of them may not broadcast for quit a on your favourite radiostation and listen online!
Remember that some internet TV channels may not run due to server overload. This happens when there are too many users connected to the accordant server!

How to combine family trees?

  1. If you haven't registered yet and you have received e-mail with an invitation to join a family tree, by accepting the invitation, you will automatically be added to the accordant family tree.

  2. If you have registered on the portal:
    Watch video "How to create a family tree?"

    1. If you are a first time visitor in a family tree section, it is possible for your name and sure name to appear in it in case it is the name and the sure name of someone else. In order to check if it is the link to your profile, click on that name and sure name. If this person corresponds to your data, you may send an invitation to the person who has created particular profile. In case your invitation is accepted you will join the family tree created by him/her.

    2. If your name wasn't found in profile list of the portal, or no profile corresponds to your data, you may create a family tree of your own by entering names and sure names of your parents. The search results concerning your parents are shown, where you can choose an existing profile or create a new profile for your parents. When choosing one of the existing profiles in the portal, an invitation to join a family tree is sent to the person who has created according profile. As soon as your invitation is accepted, the according family trees will be combined.

    3. In case there's a profile of father or mother created, the next step will be entering name and sure name of grandparents. The search results of your grandparents are shown, as well your may choose an existing profile or create profile for your grandparents. When choosing one of existing portal profiles, an invitation to join a tree is sent to the man who created it. When invitation is accepted your trees will be combined.

  3. There's an option to combine family trees by sending an invitation:
    When choosing a person and link "edit relative" in your family tree, you may send an invitation to the according persons e-mail. By accepting an invitation and registering in the portal this person will automatically become a member of your family tree. If a person is already a registered user of the portal, an invitation will be sent to portals section - invitations.

  4. You can combine family trees by adding new relative (brother, sister, spouse, friend of mother a.o.). There are search results shown in case a new person is found in the portal.

  5. You may combine family trees also by accepting invitations from others. Pay close attention to the invitation senders' data to make sure he/she is your relative, otherwise accepting an invitation may have bad consequences.

By jointly creating family trees, it is a big chance to get to know relatives of your relatives whom you haven't even met up until now...