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Each of the portal users is recognised by our Web server which uses a domain name. Information provided by users is saved on the server and is used only within the framework of the portal to increase the efficiency of operation in user interests. By becoming a registered user of the portal a person agrees on his data to be processed. All the personal data that is placed on the portal is protected according the laws and regulations of Republic of Latvia (LR). The processing of the data is performed observing the general principles of personal data processing of LR. Each of the registered portal users realises and agrees that the data he/she has provided in his/her profile is openly accessible to any other registered user of the portal (observing the given option for registered user to choose the limit of access of discreet data) and, that the usage of this data isen't dependent For the safety purposes we suggest that you shouldn't place any kind of secret information (telephone numbers, information concerning credit cards, personal data, access codes, digital information of personal kind and other) in the portal's informative base.
The information given here will possibly be censored, so please treat it with understanding because there are enough web sites in Latvia where you can express your most negative emotions. Registered users may receive e-mail containing information concerning new products, services or upcoming events. If you believe that this portal doesn't correspond to the privacy laws, which are previously described, you are welcome to contact us using the contact form provided.